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Debbie Morton


How can you keep your eyes from turning red when you are drinking?

I often get red eyes when I am drinking. Can you tell me how to keep my eyes from turning red?
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  • easilyfixed


    It is said that famotidine will make you feel better after drinking. You can have a try. And there is a kind of eye drops that can make your eyes less red. You can get the over the counter eye drops in any drug store. But your face and neck are still very red.
  • castro_jan


    You can drink more water at the same time when you are drinking alcohol. The water can provide your eyes with enough water after your eyes are dehydrate by alcohol. Or you can eat some food before drinking. If you are full, you will take less alcohol, and the redness in your eyes can be less apparent.
  • Otis Crockett


    Before going to have dinner with others, if you know you have to drink at the dinner, you can prepare yourself a bottle of strong tea. It is said that strong tea can have chemical reaction with alcohol and make you feel less headache. Maybe after the reaction, you will not get red eyes anymore because the ingredients in liquid are changed.
  • Megan W


    Many people will have red eye, red face and red neck when drinking. This is caused by gene. We have nothing to do with this. What we can do is just to drink less so it will not affect our normal work and life. Drink a little alcohol occasionally can be good for our health, because alcohol can increase the blood circulation of our body.

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