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What is the effect of blue light on eyes?

Is blue light bad for eyes? What are the effects on eyes from blue light?
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  • Jada


    According to the knowledge of medical science.Direct exposure to the eyes of blue has side effects.Firstly.Blue light is a light pollution of eyes. it's easy to damage the retina.Secondly.It's interesting to know that the people who haven't suffered from psoriasis are difficulty to be hurt by blue light,because their retina itself on Blu-ray defense ability is stronger.Thirdly.If you try to protect your eyes from blue eyes.I suggest you can choose appropriate sunglasses when you want to enjoy the sunshine.
  • Brooke peters


    Yes. The wikipedia says that blue light is that light with wavelengths in the 500nm to 381nm range. That is to say, UV(ultraviolet) has three sorts, UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, and generally, "near UV" refers to blue light. As we all know, UV is used as sterilization purposes in industry. Woo, it is horrible that we are always exposed to such lights that may cause skin cancers and cataracts and mutates retinal tissue. There is no doubt that most of our commercial display and industy lit with cool white fluorescent tubes, which emit a strong spike of blue light, our PC as well. Further ,we use our PC everyday. Scientists have found that once we expose to the blue light for 12 hours or more, the accumulation of some substances may make our retina more sensitive and vulnerable as the light wavelengths become shorter, especially to those who are prone to macular problems. Then our eyes can not work for life time. However, don't worry, we still have a build-in protective mechanism. So what we need to do is to get rid of strong sunshine or something like it.
  • Sara


    The blue light is bad for the eyes. There are many bad effects on eyes from blue light, especially for the children. Light can harm the infant retina. The degree of damage depends on the wavelength of light, intensity and irradiation time, The length of the uv rays can damage the eyes. In fact, many people know that ultraviolet and infrared light are absorbed by the cornea and lens. Actually they do not come into contact with the retina. So it is not the baby's eyes in the number one killer in the visible light. There is a kind of high-energy visible light of blue which can go through the cornea and lens and contact to the retina, incalculable damage to the baby's eyes in which the camera flash light and bath bully will have blue light. Blu-ray will accelerate the cell oxidation of macular area. Excessive exposure can damage even if visual cells in the macular area long-term exposure to blue light which will increase the risk of macular degeneration by eyes in old age. It even may cause permanent damage to eyesight. Thus you'd better get away from the blue light and protect your eyes.