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Can depression affect my vision?

I read somewhere our moods will affect our vision. So, can depression have bad effect on my vision?
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  • Barry


    Well, I believe that nobody has got the evidence that mood condition directly affect our vision. Anyway, any theory must be based on evidence, right? But, from what I know, bad mood,even depression, will definitely affect our health.Consequently, it might be possible that our vision would be affected. Common sense tells that mental condition and physical condition are not separated, they are linked with each other. So, I suggest you keep a good mood and have a optimistic attitude to everything you encounter, there's nothing to be worried about right?Just live your life.
  • christensengirl


    Yeah,the bad mood will affect your vision indirectly. Once you are sad or are not happy, you may have tears in your eyes when remembering the sad past. The long time crying may make your eyes dry. In addition, the eye pressures will not be stable. You'd better keep good mood every day.