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Are there any risk of buying eyeglasses online?

I want to buy eyeglasses online since i saw the price of eyeglasses online are much cheaper. But my friend told me it is risky to buy eyeglasses online. So, I want to know what risks of buying eyeglasses online?
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    In my opinion,I think there are three main risks of buying eyeglasses online.First,the quality of eyeglasses is not guaranteed by eyeglasses shop online. Second, you will not have access to have your eyes checked, get instruction by the specialist and have a pair of suitable eyeglasses in the eyeglasses shop. If you use the eyeglasses in the inappropriate way, you may do harm to your eyes and you will regret doing that. Third,if you buy eyeglasses of inferior quality online, it need shipping fees to return. There are few ways to complain online shops and protect the your legal rights. So,I advise you to buy eyeglasses in the shop if possible.
  • chronojwl


    Yes, of course, everything is risky. But the fact is that glasses online are really cheaper than those in store, for their cost is much lower. However, buy glasses online could be greatly risky, for they will not guarantee the quality or type you desire, or they may give you glasses of poor quality. So, nothing comes out without price. If you really want to buy them online, you have to see if the seller is worth doing business with, their credit records, their after sales service, their delivery, etc. In a word, you must be more careful when buying things online.
  • Ethan edward


    Although the eyeglasses online are cheap, there may be some disadvantages for you to buy one. For example, you don't have the exact check on your recent eye vision. That is to say, you just base on your last prescription to buy the eyeglasses. Secondly, the material can't be proved, especially the quality of lenses. Thirdly, you don't wear them by yourself to feel the comfortable performance.
  • kille


    To begin, medical services should not be purchased online. Remember that the need for eyeglasses go far beyond fashion accessories. Vision is a special gift, which should be preserved with care. The medical need for eyeglasses cannot be handled with care over the Internet because it is custom for each patient. Quality is more important in medical care and should be on an individualized basis. Online representatives are at a disadvantage to understand patients' needs and providing the best product.
    Most importantly, there are incorrect measurements for glasses when patients order online. Often patients ask the doctor for their prescription and assume that is all they need, but that is not all to buying prescription eyeglasses. Patients need specific measurements that are specialized for opticians to perform.
    Today, optometrists and eye care centers understand the need for lower prices, but there is a bigger need for quality. There are many offices that offer a wide range of eyeglasses to compete price-wise with online purchases. If this is a concern for you, discuss this at your next comprehensive exam to find a better option for you to still have quality eye care. Remember, there are plenty of things to buy online but medical care is just not one of them.