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Do you get red eyes from playing video games? How to treat it?

Will playing video games cause red eyes? I see my eye red and i feel pain. Is that red eyes? How to treat it?
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  • Nathan


    Of course, red eyes are usually resulted from playing video games too much. Besides, other bad habbits also make your eyes appearing red eyes, for example, rubbing eyes without washing your hands, or inadequate sleep. However, it is not diifcult to treat, they just so common that almost every younster has it. So, there are some tips to be followed, if you wanna treat it. Play less video games, get some rest from time to time, also get enough sleep, exercise more, eat healthier food. And red eyes will definitely go away.
  • michael zawawi


    i eye is all mush up i need to rest for alot of days so everyone do not play video games forever it will miss up your eye take a break for a few days
  • Angelica giles


    You'd better stop playing video games for a while. Your eyes start to get tired. The long time use of eyes will of course make the eyes get red and feel pain. The direct light resource from the screen will stimulate your eyeballs. You should use some eyedrops to release the symptom.