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Charles Joseph


How to tell if your glasses are glass or plastic?

My eyeglasses scratched. And i plan to buy Armour Etch to remove the scratches. But it says that it only applies to plastic lenses. But, I don't know what type my eyeglasses are. Can you tell me how to tell if my glasses are made of glass or plastic?
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  • iljrn


    Take your hand that your wear a ring on. Now go over to a glass window pain and tap the ring against the window. Listen to the sound it makes. Glass causes a sharp higher pitched click than plastic. Now go over to something made of plastic. It needs to be a pretty hard type plastic for comparison. Tap the ring against the plastic. Now tap the ring against your lenses. If you notice a sharp higher pitched clicking sound they are probably glass. If they sound more like a clunk than a click then they are probably plastic.
  • Jonah


    The most obvious difference between glass lenses and plastic lenses are the weight and thickness. Plastic lens are more lighter than glass lenses, but more thicker, especially for high myopia. In addition, glass lenses are more harder and stronger, easy to scrub. plastic lenses are softer and easy to be scratched. Or you can compare the price, plastic lenses are more expensive. You can also use the finger to bomb a lens, if sound is ringing, it is glass, if sound is stuffy, it is plastic. Another way is observe the style of the frame, generally, plastic lenses always made in rimless or half frame. Of course, the best way is go to the shop and ask for help from professional person. Hope these information can help you.
  • cthier


    Well, looks like you are eager to remove the scratches. And I'd like to tell you that if you wanna identify the material of your lenses, you should read the instruction of your glasses, or you might as well seek information from the store where you bought your glasses. Typically speaking, you cannot identify it by yourself because the materials are very complicated and hard to be identified. And sometimes, some kind of plastic merely has no difference with glass. Therefore, do what I tell you and you might get the answer.
  • Mona


    The plastic lenses are usually soft and are durable to be fallen down. While the glasses lenses are hard which should not be fallen down which may be broken. You can touch them to feel te material. In addition, you'd better ask the professional option in the eyeglasses store to help you change the lenses on the eyeglasses again.