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Connor nelson


Can keratoconus cause blindness?

I suffered from keratoconus. I am so upset. I just want to know if this is a serious eye diseases? Will it causes blindness?
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  • hall


    It is very bad for you to suffer the keratoconus which will be a serious eye disease which will make you get blinded. Keratoconus will also cause your light sensitivity. When you get the keratoconus, your cone thinning of the cornea is the central forward. An eye disease characterized it often cause highly irregular myopic astigmatism and different degrees of visual impairment, without inflammation. It is often happened among women around the age of youth. The early symptom is given priority to with refractive error, for myopia. Then it is gradually developed into astigmatism or irregular astigmatism, general lens can be corrected. The medium-term vision declines further, generally lens not correct. You must use contact lens vision correction and slit lamp examination to see the top of the central cornea gradually thinning, push out and so on. Sometimes after the elastic layer fracture, the aqueous humor intrusion, corneal stromal edema and opacity can occur. Later, the apex often forms irregular linear scar or muddy cornea. The corneal superficial have new blood vessels ingrowth, decreased vision height and contact lens vision correction.
  • Isabel fergus


    There is a very little chance of blindness. But as the situation get worse, you won't be able to see things clearly. Everything you see is blurred. Treatment: 1. In early time, your vision can be corrected with prescription lenses 2. When frame glasses don't work well, you can replace them with Rigid Gas Permeable. 3. If rigid gas permeable can't help to correct your vision, you can only turn to keratoplasty. That is to say, replace your own ill cornea with a donor's cornea. Don't worry too much. As long as you take good care of your eyes, the situation won't get worse. Even if it gets worse, the surgery is not that horrible.
  • walkingbassline


    Keratoconus is the degeneration disorder in eyes which is always bilateral. At the very beginning, you might feel there is some refractive defect of you eyes that the vision is blurred. The glasses prescribed by a specialist could help correct vision and restore the vision function. Complete vision loss is very rare. Keratoconus might make people vision acuity diminish at all distance that people can't read print or drive, but it barely causes blindness. It is better for you to have an eye examination to get proper treatment.