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Should i go to the doctor with pink eye?

I got pink eyes, will it go away itself with the time? Or i shall see a doctor and take medical treatment?
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  • Brooke peters


    Yes, it could go away as time goes by. But it is better for you to find out the cause of your pink eye and so that you can take some actions to help it heal up faster. Pink eye is the inflammation of conjunctivia which is the doom-shaped protective covering in eyes. It might be caused by allergies, bacterial infection or viral infection. Pink eye gives the patients red sclera part of eyes, increased sensitivity to light, strong foreign body sensation, pain in eyes, discharge in eyes and blurry vision. Allergic reaction comes and goes very soon. It is not contagious. As long as you get away from the allergens, it will go very fast.
  • Kristy


    If you keep on having the good diet and good habit of using your eyes, your pink eyes will go away itself with the time. However you'd better go to see the doctor and take the medical treatment with anti-inflammation which will make your eyes get clear soon. You should also not go to work which will infect to other people.
  • b3mine_x3


    Well, you must be really over optimistic about your healing ability. Because generally speaking, pink eyes would not go away without proper treatment. And your eyes would be seriously damaged and infected with pink eyes. Sure, definitely you need an eye doctor and some medication to deal with your problem. Also, try not to transmit your problem to other people, since pink eyes are highly infectious.
  • andrew strauss


    Yes, it could leave as time passes by. In any case, it is better for you to discover the reason for your pink eye thus that you can take a few activities to enable it to mend up speedier. Pink eye is the irritation of conjunctivia which is the fate formed defensive covering in eyes. Can Someone Do my Coursework It may be caused by hypersensitivities, bacterial disease or viral contamination. Pink eye gives the patients red sclera part of eyes, expanded affectability to light, solid outside body sensation, torment in eyes, release in eyes and foggy vision.

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