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May Yong


Does everyone have eye bags?

I noticed that i have little eye bags under my eyes. What causes it? Do everyone has such eye bags?
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  • Zoe may


    Well, yes, generally speaking, every people have some little eye bags under eyes. And for eye bags, when the blood vessels in the skin around the eyes are filled with fluid which slightly stretches the skin, this accumulation of fluid looks like a bag, and the eye bags will occur. And they can be annoying and even ugly, for they can make you look older, tired and unhealthy. At this moment, you can try apple cider vinegar to treat it, for apple cider vinegar is quite rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes. So people often use apple cider vinegar to reduce eye bags. Anyway, you can just have a try too.
  • Luke oliver


    It's very common for people have eye bags. Eye bags can make you look old. And eye bags can be caused by many problems, such as aging and some disease also can cause eye bags. For the healthiest young people, they do not have eye bags. Eye bags mostly happen to elder person.
  • crazyuglycoyote


    There are many reasons that cause eye bags. Some people' eye bags are inborn and inherited from their parents, and this is usually seen on young people who are twenty to thirty years old. Some people drink too much water before going to bed, and the water will be detained in the head and deposit in the skin of the low eyelid, and as time goes by, it becomes more and more apparent, thus forming eye bags. With the same principle, if people do not use pillows or use too flat pillows when they are sleeping, they will also easily have eye bags. People whose eyes are very big are easily to get eye bags. With the growth of age, it is usual to get eye bags. Not every one has eye bags; this depends on individual's physical conditions and personal living habits. To remove or ease the condition of eye bags, you had better to regulate your work and rest time, take care not to get too much fatigue. Do not drink too much water before bedtime. Use some eye cream which is intended to ease eye bags. Most importantly, do not usually stay up late.

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