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Kelsey McNew


Do tinted glasses help with migraines?

I have migraines. Can i wear tinted glasses? Will it help me in some way? Or how can i treat my migraines?
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  • Zoe


    wearing sunglasses would help and some migraine sufferers do get some relief. Better yet, possibly, would be eyeglasses tinted to block certain wavelengths of light to help normalize brain activity. When customized in this way, they are called precision-tinted eyewear.
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  • Catherine williams


    Well, i am so sorry to see that you ahve got migraines, which is one of the most serious head problems , and if not treated properly, it would generate some problems with your eye health. So, it is true that tinted glasses would somehow relieve your problem, you could just get a pair of nice ones from a large optical center with the help from an eye doctor. Also, medical treatment should not be ignored.
  • big john


    You can certainly wear tinted glasses and it can help to relieve migraines. People suffering from migraines are susceptible to intensive visual stimuli which produce discomfort and perceptual illusions of color, shape and motion. In additional, the susceptibility is connected with excessive activation in the brain's visual cortex. Then this activation leads to migraines. According to the cause of migraine mentioned above, it can be known that the tinted glasses help to relieve the migraine by alleviating visual stress. As for curing migraine, there are several tips you should keep in mind: having a good night's sleep, keeping the room dark, sleeping early and keeping a healthy diet. What is more important is that you should see a doctor regularly.
  • Dip


    Yes, you could wear the tinted glasses to help with your migraines which will make you see clearly. If you want to treat your migraines, you could also use some eye drops to make the eyes get moisture and feel comfortable. In addition, the warm compress will make your eyes feel comfortable. You could also take some medical with anti-inflammation to treat your migraines.
  • Victor Lee


    Precision tinted lenses can help reduce the discomfort experienced by some migraine sufferers by normalizing activity in the brain, a study suggests.

    Some people who suffer migraines ''are highly susceptible to stressful visual stimuli," says study researcher Jie Huang, PhD, associate professor of radiology at Michigan State University.

    "The stimuli produce discomfort and perceptual illusions, illusions of color, shape, and motion," he tells WebMD.

    His earlier studies found that this susceptibility to visual stimuli is linked with excess activation in the brain's visual cortex.

    The excessive brain activity, in turn, can sometimes induce a migraine. The specially tinted glasses, he found, may normalize the brain activity.