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Do i need prescription for pink eye?

My eyes are red and itching. Some people told me that I got the pink eye. Really? I know that pink eye is contagious. I am a good kid; I don't want to bother other people. Can you tell me what caused my pink eye? Do I need prescription for pink eye?
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  • Jade scott


    Dear kid, I think you'd better ask your mum to take you to see an eye doctor. There are many kind of pink eye. Some of them may be highly contagious while others may not. Don't put any kind of prescription drops into your eyes before you have your eyes diagnosed by your doctor. And there are lots of infections which may cause red and itching eyes, so we can’t decide the causes by ourselves.
  • Pete


    Kid, you should be careful in using any kind of prescription drops before you know the real causes. I think you should tell your mum. Your mum need to know this and she know how to help you. Usually kids will get eye infections from rubbing their eyes with dirty hands. This will make their eyes red and itching. I suggest you to see the doctor first. Maybe you don't have pink eye. Those people know less than a doctor, they may make mistakes. So you cannot trust them at this point for they are not professional.

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