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can eye allergies cause blepharitis ?

I got eye allergies and blepharitis at the same time. I want to know that is there any relation between eye allergies and blepharitis. Can eye allergies cause blepharitis? If I deal with my eye allergies, will blepharitis be cured at the same time?
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  • Isabel


    Dear friend, I have searched on the internet while I haven't found any relation between these two diseases. So your blepharitis may be caused by other reasons. I may need to treat them in different ways. Which kind of eye allergies have you got? If it is just caused by season, you can hardly avoid being affected by pollens from the plants. But if your eye allergies were caused by other stuffs, you can avoid these stuffs next time.
  • Cathy


    Guy, eye allergies will not cause blepharitis. Blepharitis is inflammation around the eyelid margins. If we had blepharitis, our eyes will become red, irritated and itchy, and dandruff-like crusts appearing on the eyelashes at the same time. Blepharitis is not easy to treat because it is a chronic condition. We must pay attention to the eye hygiene. And it is a crucial part of blepharitis treatment. Doctors will give antibiotic creams to patients with blepharitis.but patients can't drive because they will experience blurry vision. Oral antibiotics are another kind of medicine for blepharitis. But people should avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. If the eyes are dry, patients can use artificial tears to lubricate eyeballs.