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why are my babies eyes goopy ?

My baby has horrible yellowish discharges from his eyes. Sometimes they are gunky stuff. It is so disgusting. What's wrong with his eyes? Why are his eyes goopy? It has just started since yesterday. Need I see a doctor immediately? Does anyone else's baby have this? How to clear them?
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  • Christopher


    Dear friend, many healthy young babies will have goopy eyes. Many parent s will wonder that whether their baby got pink eye or an eye infection. But goopy eyes are often caused by a small, blocked tear duct. Once my doctor told me that it is harmless and will not affect the eyes. And usually it will resolve on its own with home treatment. So don't worry too much. But I still suggest you to see your doctor immediately.
  • Jennifer


    My son developed this as well. the doctor told me that it is just blocked tear ducts. Babies' tear duct can drain away tears and debris. But if the tear ducts get blocked, tears and debris remains. The debris and mucus begin to accumulate in babies' eyes which will form mattery material. Doctor also told me that I can leave the eye alone. It isn't harmful. You can apply warm and moist compresses over babies' eyes to help open their tear ducts. If you are not sure how to do this, I suggest you to see your doctors instead.

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