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Jacob adams


why my eyes are always red ?

My eyes are often red and bloodshot. I dont know why. Sometimes they are itching. I will rub them for a while. But the situation turns worse. Can you tell me what caused the red and blood shot eyes? How to cure them?
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  • Anthony cecil


    Dear friend, red and bloodshot eye is a common phenomenon in most people. I have suffered from this in the last week, because I often stay up too late in the night. My eyes are dry and red. My doctor told me that I have to sleep early in the night. So I think if you are lack of sleep you must catch up some sleep in these days and then your symptom will disappear. If you are a computer worker as me, I suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses on the internet. Usually they are much cheaper than that in the physical shops. Or you can get free glasses on the internet too. But you must make sure that they have good quality.
  • walki


    Hi, I think there are many possibilities. Beside what the guy mentioned above, there are other causes such as allergies or pink eye. These will cause red and bloodshot eyes. You can use some artificial tears to reduce the dryness of your eyes for I think your itching eyes are caused by dryness. Dry eye is one of the most common symptoms in eye problems. However, I still think you should see your doctor timely. If you got the pink eye and it is contagious too, only your doctor can help you with this.