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why are the bags under my eyes so bad ?

I have bags under my eyes since I was a child. It looks so bad. Does it mean that I'm going to age faster? I want to know what caused the bags and how to cure them. Thank you in advance!
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  • Warren


    Hi, I have the same symptom too. But I think it is just OK. My dad has these bags too. Many people said that I am so familiar with my dad. I think my symptom was caused by gene. If your mum or dad has the same character, then you don't need to worry. If you really don't like this, you can have a small surgery to strain the skin under your eyes.
  • Zachary eddy


    Kid, I think that doesn't mean you are going to age faster. My granddaughter has this symptom too. I think it is quite cute. She often chooses a pair of cute plano glasses which has colorful frames to cover this. But you must remember that you can't drink too much water before going to bed, because this will cause bags under eyes too. I think allergies can cause this symptom. If you are allergic to something, you must refrain from rubbing itchy eyes. Usually our skin turns to swollen and red in response to the rubbing.

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