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Elijah walker


How much are glasses at Walmart vision center?

I am a high school student. I need to buy a pair of new glasses. How much will the exam take? I don't have too much money but I want to choose a pair of good lenses. I heard that the glasses at Walmart vision center are very cheap. Really? I will choose the middle-priced frames. How much is all this going to cost me? Can you give me some suggestions to buy a pair of good quality glasses with less money? Thanks in advance!
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  • elizabeth_starz


    Hey, guy! I strongly recommend you to take eye exams at walmart, because they are really very cheap. I had my eyesight checked last week and bought a pair of new glasses in walmart. The glasses is very beautiful and with excellent quality. I love them very much. But I don't know what price you can accept, so I don't know how to recommend the type of glasses. I suggest you to search on the internet after you get your prescription. You can compare the prices of glasse in walmart with that in Firmoo or other big online glasses stores. I also heard that the glasses sold by Firmoo on the internet are very cheap and with good quality too. And sometimes Firmoo just give glasses (with quality guaranteed) for free. You can have a look before you take your order. In all, I think you'd better order glasses online than buy the same glasses in the physical shops especially when you don't have enough money. Good luck!
  • garcia


    My classmate just went to Walmart for glasses last month. He told me that he got his prescription from his eye doctor but he can't choose a pair of satisfying glasses for himself in the physical shops. They are too expensive. He could hardly afford them. So he searched on the internet and found that the price of the similar glasses sold at walmart is much cheaper. he recommend us to buy glasses at walmart. He just like a professional seller of walmart, So we often make jokes of him on this point. But actually walmart provide a lot of selection at decent prices. I don't know if there are some free glasses at walmart or not.
  • Victor


    Why don't you buy glasses from Firmoo provides high quality glasses at affordable prices, and they even have First Pair Free. You can get your prescription at walmart and then shop your glasses at firmoo.