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Can soap cause eye infections?

I got a bit of soap water into my eyes. Is this seriously bad to my eyes? How? Can soap water lead to eye infection?
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  • covenmasters


    It is really bad for you to get soap into your eyes which will make you feel not comfortable. If the soap is dirty with dust, it may lead to your eye infection. You'd better wash it out clearly with clean water and dry the eyes with clean cloth as soon as possible. You should not save such step. Or else, your eyes are infected.


    Take it easy. Tha main material of soap is sodium soap, which is made from animal fat and plants oil. There are some additive like rosin and sodium silicate in the soap. They can improve the hardness and the ability of decontaminating and they can increse the foam of soap. Usually, if the soap water splashes into the eyes, it won't do much harm to the eyes. You can just wash your eyes with clean water. Soon, you will feel better. If your eyes get stinging pain, it must be the alkaline substance stimulating your eyes. You just need to use clean water to swash your eyes, and within 24 hours, the painful feeling will disappear. If you are afraid of infection, you can use some eye drops to prevent infection.
  • crazycowgirl89


    Generally speaking, it is not seriously bad to your eyes, if you get a bit of soap water into eyes. You can wash your eyes with clean water and avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. However, the soap water is a kind of water has alkalescence. Then it may cause red eyes and you can feel pain in your eyes. In severe condition, it may cause inflammation and lead to eye infection. If your condition is not improved after several days, you'd better go to see a doctor.