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What are the best sunglasses for women with thin faces?

I have a very thin face, Do you have any idea on choosing sunglasses? What are the best sunglasses for me?
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  • crazyforluke


    Your glasses reflect your personality, so it is important to choose the right pair of glasses. Everyone's face is different. The shape of your face will determine the types of style that suit you. For your face, the small frame sunglasses are suitable for you. Face and frame size should be in scale, in agreement. large glasses on a small face or vice versa just looks silly. Actually, the colors also should be considered, you could exam your skin, you could also know your hair color if you do not know the color of your skin. Blond, black, golden brown, red are warm hair colors. Hope this suggestions will help you to pick the sunglasses that suit you best.
  • Kimberly quick


    People with thin faces usually have narrow forehead and chin. And most of people classified it as long face. If you have such thin and long face like Sarah Jessica Parker, you shall try some sunglasses with rounded edges frame like Sarah Jessica Parker do. That is to say, you shall avoid sunglasses with angular lenses Also, you shall consider your personality and clothes style when you choose the best looking sunglasses. Just try on some sunglasses and pick up the best looking one. Good luck.
  • John Rodriguez


    Several ways to help you chose ideal eyeglasses. First, you look at your face in the mirror and determine your face size. Broadly, face and frame size should be in scale, in agreement. That is, a large face should a large pair of glasses, while small face needs small glasses. Next, determine whether you are warm or cool. This will determine which frame colors to consider. Keep in mind that round glasses make your eyes much longer and thinner. If you make your face appear more balanced and shorter, you should select wide, square frames, low bridge, and depth from top to bottom. Cat shape lenses are suitable for narrow forehead with wider cheeks and chin.
  • Kaylee peters


    It is important to find the most suitable sunglasses if you want to improve your appearance. Different shape of face needs different sunglasses. To find the best sunglasses for yourself, you need first consider the frame size of the sunglasses. A wide frame can make your thin face looks wider. Secondly, the frame details are also affect the appearance of your face. Earpieces that are lower on the frame are look better on long faces. I suggest you to wear a oversized frame sunglasses. It may looks dramatic but it will break up a thin face. Here is a website which may help you: By the way, I always think girl with thin face are much more beautiful. If you are a girl, be confident with your appearance.

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