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Are 3d tvs bad for your eyes?

Now, 3D movies become more and more popular. But i just wonder if the 3D Tvs bad for eyes? Or it is the same as common TV?
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  • Erin


    Watching 3D TVs becomes more and more common in our daily life, and it offers us a totally new experience. While, as a coin has two sides, some people believe that there are many disadvantages of watching 3D TVs, especially for our eyes. Experts do not found the uncomfortable symptoms after watching 3D TVs. So, it seems that 3D TVs is the same as common TV.
  • Eric quick


    Yes. Most of people believed that 3D movies is bad for eyes. Though watch 3D movies can give you a new experience of movie. It can enhance the look and feel when you see the movies. But watching 3D movies or television for prolonged periods can cause strains the eyes. If you ignore it and continue to wear it. It may weak your eyesight.
  • Catherine


    OK, it seems that you are quite concerned about your eye health, good for you anyway. So, as a matter of fact, 3D shows could do some harm to our eyes in the long run, such as eye fatigue, headaches, blurry vision, even nausea. Also, those 3d devices would do great harm to children because they are still growing up and need to be taken care of without such side effects you know?
  • Angelica giles


    If you wear the 3d glasses to watch the 3d movies, you will find that your eyes can see images clearly. The 3d tvs are just the same as common tv. It will be bad for your eyes and affect your eyes vision to some degree if you do not have rest. In a word, both 3d tv and tvs will be bad for the eyes if you watch it for a long time. You need to have the protection for the eyes.

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