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What are side effects of wearing eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses is a good tool to help people with poor vision see better. IS there any side effect of wearing eyeglasses?
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  • Benson Dubois


    Glasses are very important invention which already benefits millions of people all over the world. Yet there is some side effects of wearing glasses just like any other thing has its benefit as well as side effects. For me, the first thing of their side effects is the indentation left in face after years' of wearing. Although light material and frame is adapted for glasses manufacturing now, no matter how light they are, wearing them always leave indentations beside the bridge of my nose and my temple near to my ears. For any girls, no one likes that. If you happen to have a pair of beautiful big eyes, you don't like wearing them too because they would hide your eyes. Besides, it is not very convenient to have any running or contact sports while wearing them. They are easy to get dirty, so the vision they provide, for me, is not as clear as the vision that contact lenses provides me. There is another drawback about glasses. In summer, when it is very hot, my face become oily, the glasses always slides down. But no matter what side effects I stated above, it can't stop people wearing glasses. After all clear vision is much more beneficial.
  • b0ycrazzy


    If you are short sighted, you will have to wear the eyeglasses to help you see the things clearly. However, there are many side effects for you when you wear the eyeglasses. You may have the nose print in your nose part. You could also get higher prescription if wearing the not proper prescription eyeglasses. In addition, wearing the eyeglasses will affect your look. Thus a lot of people wear the contact lenses to make them look beautiful.
  • creatingme


    Oh, I quite understand your concern over the side effects of glasses. So, as you can see, eyeglasses would help us see better if our vision is quite poor. And generally speaking, once you put them on , you never take them off, which means that you could not live without glasses unless you try to take a larsik eye surgery to regain your lost vision. Anyway, try to avoid wearing them if there are some other ways to regain your vision.
  • Kaylee


    Most people are already aware of the most obvious drawbacks of having to wear glasses, such as distortion, reduced field of view, expense, poor appearance, inconvenience, reduced vision because of dirt or rain on the glasses, etc. However, the most serious effect is that will cause increasing myopia.

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