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What would i look like with nerd glasses?

I want to buy a pair of nerd glasses. What will i look like? Will i look like a nerd?
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  • Vanessa


    It seems that you are quite interested in those glasses. As a matter of fact, they are so popular in the world now that I personally have got a pair of them. And they are very cool and amazing, which could match a lot of different dresses. If you want those nerdy glasses, you can wear always anything. Of course you would not look like a nerd, but someone who is quite awesome.
  • Tyler


    The nerd glasses are so popular these days which receive a lot of people's favors. When you wear the nerd eyeglasses, you will look so knowledge and fashionable. You could match the nerd glasses with sports suits to show the vigor and youth. You could choose the black frame nerd glasses which will be so popular this year.

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