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why are my eyes watering so much?

My eyes are watering now. Can you tell me how to stop it? Can you tell me what will cause watering eyes?
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  • Joan


    Have you catch a cold recently? Cold will lead to watery eyes. If you had a cold, you should first cure your cold and then this symptom will disappear soon. Sometimes watery eye can be caused by dryness. It may sound a little strange. But we all know that our eyes depend on tears to moisten and lubricate our eyeballs and keep our eyes clean of debris. When your eyes are dry, your glands will produce large amount of tears.
  • cherry_bloss0m


    There are many causes for watery eyes. We often heard Blocked tear duct, Eye infections, Allergies, Eye irritation, Blepharitis. You can have your eyes checked by an eye doctor and then ask for the appropriate ways to relieve your symptoms. Usually you only need to take medicines for few days for few weeks then the symptom will disappear. But sometimes, it can be a sign of some underlying health conditions. Hope you can recover soon.

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