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When is pink eye contagious ?

I get pink eye recently. My parents don't allow me to go out. They said that pink eye will affect other people. Can you tell me when is pink eye contagious?
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  • claire_lew


    Kid, there are many kinds of pink eyes. Some of them are contagious but some of them are not. if your pink eye is caused by viral, it is contagious. You will be contagious for several days to several weeks or more. But during the incubation period (the time between you are exposed and pink eye symptoms begin), it is not contagious.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    Hey, guy! it is a good way to stay at home than go out when you get pink eye. This can avoid infecting others. But you need to be careful not to infect your parents or brother or sisters too. Don't share towels and pillows with them. Pink eye is contagious as long as you have the symptoms. So you can go out after your symptoms totally disappear.

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