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Does herpes cause red eyes?

I have red eye. Some people told me that I may get herpes. What is herpes? Does herpes cause red eyes?
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  • Caitlin owen


    Some kinds of herpes will lead to red eyes. Iridocyclitis will cause red eyes. Besides, it may accompanied by eye pain, blurred vision and severe sensitivity to light. It is a kind of serious eye herpes. The surrounding tissues inside our eye and iris are inflamed. Iridocyclitis often affect the frontal portions of the inside of our eyes. If you have all these symptoms, you'd better see an eye doctor immediately.
  • walking_lives_


    Dear friend, red eye can be caused by many reasons. I think you'd better have your eyes checked and then apply medicines. I can tell you that eye herpes which can be called ocular herpes is a common, recurrent viral infection. Herpes can cause scarring of the cornea and inflammation. If the virus in the patient is active, Herpes can be transmitted through close contact. So you must be careful not to infect your family members.