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Does wearing glasses improve your eyesight?

I know that glasses can help improve our vision problems. Can they improve our eyesight?
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  • Melanie


    You can't rely on glasses to improve your eyesight. Glasses are designed to help our vision problems. But it cannot help improve our eyesight. Usually our eyesight will remain unchanged or a litter drop after using glasses. I have a good way to improve my eyesight. I can share it with you. You can spend two months in the outside without watching TV or playing computer games. you eyesight will improve a lot. But when we are playing in the outside, you'd better wear a pair of plano sunglasses if needed. If you don't have a pair of sunglasses, you can take part in the onlines games released by Firmoo to win a paire of sunglasses for yourself. Wish you good luck.
  • Savannah taylor


    I heard that the prescription glasses can help with our eyesight. But it only works with those who have slight vision problems. If you just get mild myopia, you can have a try. But I think only the glasses cannot help to improve our eyesight. If you want to improve your eyesight, you can keep a balanced diet and do more eye exercises.
  • Zoe Wang


    When you wear your prescription eyeglasses, it can help you get better eyesight. That is top say wearing prescription eyeglasses can help you treat myopia so as to see far. However, they can't cure myopia. So, you still suffered from myopia. If you want to better, you have to always wear the eyeglasses. Or, you may try lasik eye surgery to cure your myopia so as to get rid of eyeglasses.
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