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Why do i wake up with dry red eyes?

I have dry and red eyes in this morning. I don't know why. What will cause dry and red eyes and how to relieve the symptom?
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  • Cameron giles


    I often have dry and red eyes in the morning if I stay up too late in the night and play computer games for too long. I often use artificial tears to moisten my eyes. As to the red eye, it will disappear if you get enough sleep next night. But I still suggest you not to stay up too late in the evening for it is bad for our eyes but also bad for our health.
  • everetthol


    If there are not enough tears to moisten your eyeballs, you eyes may be dry. You can blink your eyes a lot to produce enough tears. There are many causes for red and dry eyes. Sometimes they may be caused by an infection. Usually the symptom will disappear on its own a few days later. But if it is the serious infections, the patients must to see and doctor.

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