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How to relieve burning from hot peppers on hands?

Help! My eyes are burning. What can I do? I rub my eyes with the back side of my hand when I am cutting the hot pepper.
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  • Sonya


    Dear friend, I just suffered this in the last month. You must wash your hands with soaps for at least three times. If there are lots of pepper remains, you should drown your eyes in a basin of clean water to wash out the remains. Or you can apply some artificial tears to relieve your symptom.
  • William


    I think you can blink your eyes to produce more waters to wash out the pepper remains. Or you can put a piece of ice on your closed eyes. This will make you feel much better because the coolness is good for your burning eyes. And the cold water in your eyes can help wash out some remains too. Hope you will be better soon.

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