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What is the best monthly contact lenses?

I am a current glasses user. I want to buy a pair of contact lenses. I just want to buy the monthly contact lenses for a try. Can you tell me what the best monthly contact lenses are? I don't want to affect my eyesight.
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  • Falcon


    Dear friend, using contact lenses will not affect your eyesight. Contact lenses have the same function as glasses. Both of them are designed to help with our vision problems. But contact lenses are more convenient when compared with glasses, because we can take part in sports games without taking off contacts. So you can choose any kind of monthly contacts if they are qualified to correct your vision problem.
  • Russ


    I think contact will not affect your eyesight as long as you buy a pair of suitable contact lenses. And wash your hands with soaps carefully before wearing or taking off your contact lenses. We have to admit that contact lenses are more easily to bring us eye infections because we have to put them into our eyes. If there are some bacteria on our hand, it will cause some vision problems. You can ask your doctors to recommend a kind of contact lenses that are good for your situation.