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Can sun cause yellow eyes?

I noticed that i got yellow eyes. One of my friend said that it may cause by long time of sun exposing in the sun. Could this be the reasons that i suffer yellow eyes? Any idea?
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  • coldnd


    Actually, it is not. Dazzling sunlight sometimes makes people be sensitive to light and a feeling of irritation if eyes. Yellow in your eyes may be just because of the color of sunshine. So you do not worry about that. However, if your yellow eyes exist constantly, you should go to see a doctor to determine the real reasons. Juandice may be one cause of yellow eyes.
  • green


    Generally speaking, you need to know that yellow eyes can be related with a common disorder which is named Jaundice. According to some experts, our body gets rid of old red blood cells and processes new blood cells in the liver, and jaundice is a result of too many red blood cells retiring at one time. And at this time, excessive sun exposure can just cause it. Also, excessive sun exposure can just lead to some serious problems, such as red eyes, dry eyes, sore eyes. What is more, vision loss can be possible too. So for your situation, you should take sunglasses if you have to expose yourself under the sun for a long time. Also, go and see the eye doctor for the yellow eyes.