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Katelyn smith


How can you tell if you need reading glasses?

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  • 04/12/2012

    If you get headaches or sore eyes while reading for more than a few minutes,or you couldn’t thread a needle,or you always squint when you read magazines,books and Watch TV.At this time you need reading glasses.
  • emily_xoox


    1. If you are in your 40s or older, you may have presbyopia. People who have presbyopia need reading glasses. 2. Can you see clearly while reading? A obvious sign of someone needing reading glasses is the stretched-out look. If you stretch your arms out farther in order to see books clearly, prescription reading glasses are needed. 3. Also you can ask your optometrist whether you need reading eyeglasses or not.


    The people who have presbyopia may need a pair of reading glasses to help them view up-close objects or reading materials clearly. If you find yourself struggling to see up-close objects or reading material, you may need a pair of reading glasses.
  • Julio G.


    If you have farsightedness or presbyopia, you may need to buy a pair of reading glasses. Doctors will tell you whether you have this kind of vision problem or not. So having a thorough eye exam each year is very important to diagnose some vision problems as well as some potential eye diseases. You can visit your eye doctor if you find it difficult to see things in a near distance clearly. Good luck!
  • Jose


    Can you read a restaurant menu or instruction on the medical bottle, view a road sign or sew a button on a shirt? If you can't, you may need a pair of reading glasses. There are a few ways to diagnose this condition. You can click at to have some tests by yourself. Hope this helped!
  • Mackenzie rose


    My dad has presbyopia. He can't read a book without a pair of reading glasses. He used to tell me that he can see the things in the distance clearly while he can't view things in the nearby clearly. He told me that it was frustrating to sit down to a nice dinner and pull out the menu only to realize that the page is a blur. The print seems tiny and run together. He used to strain his eyes to make out an entree or two, but that doesn't work as he ages.

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