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Are eye cysts dangerous?

Is having a cyst in your eye dangerous? How to get rid of it?
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  • eclipseracer01


    Your cyst is likely to be a stye, which is quite common among modern people due to lots of causes. Anyway, it is not very dangerous but I didn't say it is not serious because it might lead to some worse problems if not treated in time. So you will have to get some antibiotics from the doctor and pay attention to your eye health in every aspect.
  • Logan quick


    Well, cysts are different from eye stye. First, cysts may occur on both the upper as well as lower eyelid because of infection. And when it occurs, your eyes will be painful and annoying. For the treatments, there are many ways which can be used. For example, warm compresses can be applied. To treat it, you should place the warm compress on the cyst. And it can be effective. Of course, according to some researches, the cyst can go away over time. But on the other hand, if your situation is serious and you did not take some measures to treat it, it can be dangerous. So just have some warm compresses as soon as possible.

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