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What should you do if you get salt in your eye?

It is by accident that i got a bit of salt in my eyes. And my eyes feel pain. What should i do now? Can salt cause damages to eyes?
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  • elite_couture


    It does not matter. You will be okay soon. First, flush your eyes with warm and clean water for a few minutes. Second, blink your eyes to relieve the feeling of pain. Third, drop some basic eye drops to reduce redness in eye and make sure there is no any bacteria and germs in eyes.
  • Zoey


    How do I get salt out of my eye?
  • Ieff


    Table salt will scratch the cornea if you rub it and it will definitely sting. Just rinse it out with water, you’ll be good to go. Any other salt, you'll need to consult the material safety data sheet or the label on the container. There are some salts that are corrosive and can poison you.
  • Michelle leonard


    Well, it is true that salt in your eyes would leave you painful and have blurry vision. The reason is that salt would scratch your eyes and be irritative. If you attempt to rub them, you are likely to get hurt and become infectious. I suggest that you should flush your eyes with a lot of clean water and get some eye drops to deal with the effects.
  • Lindsay


    Well, of course, it will make your eyes feel painful when you have salt getting into your eyes. And in my opinion, you need to wash your eyes with pure water as soon as possible, or it will just irritate your eyes. Also, after that, you can also have some ice to relieve your pain in the eyes. In that way, it can be effective. Of course, eye drops can be used too. Anyway, just be careful about it.