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What to do if you get vicks in vapor rub your eyes?

I get a bit of vicks in vapor rub into my eyes. Is it damages my eyes? What shall i do now?
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  • Randy C


    It is very bad for you to get the bit of vicks in vapor rub into your eyes which may damage your eyes if you don' treat it well. You should wash your eyes carefully with clean water. Then you could use the clean cloth to dry the eyes. Last you could use the warm compress to make your eyes get comfortable and moisture.
  • Eric quick


    Well, looks like there is something wrong with your eyes, because as you can see, vick is a chemical product designed to help with our life. Anyway, you should try not to rub your eye for that leads to infections. Also, you should get plenty of clean water to flush them out. If necessary, try to visit a doctor and be careful with your eyes.

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