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Why do some people get yellow eyes ?

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  • cnpriest


    Well, generally speaking, it is very normal for many people to have yellow eyes. And for yellow eyes, it occurs when the whites of the eyes take on a yellowish tinge. And in common, yellow eyes are generally a sign of jaundice caused by a buildup of bilirubin in the blood, which is a yellow-colored pigment that is produced by the breakdown of old red blood cells. And in daily life, smoking, too much drinking, even stress can just lead to yellow eyes.
  • christian


    Different groups have different reasons to get yellow eyes. Newborns, for example, often get it due to physiological jaundice or sometimes from their mothers through latex. It is common in newborns, which is usually not serious and often disappears in itself. Causes of yellow eyes occur in children and adults when liver damage or dysfunction or block the bile ducts. Hope the following article will get you more help.
  • Lex


    Well, as you can see, yellow eyes is one of the most complicated and serious problems with eyes, and basically it is very dangerous for it leads to a lot of symptoms and other problems with our vision, eyeballs, etc. The causes of that is various, including some eye infections, bad use of eyes, and some other diseases on other parts of our body. So, all I can say is that you should take care of your eyes before such terrible matter come to you. Just pay attention to your use of eyes, to your diet and to your rest.