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Can a hangover cause blurred vision?

What are the side effects of hangover? I get blurred vision from it. Is this normal?
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  • alva


    Well, yes, hangover can just lead to blurred vision. And generally speaking, a hangover is where one develops headache, nausea, vomiting, lethargy, a dry mouth because of excessive alcohol consumption. And according to some experts, it is due to dehydration of the brain where it shrinks. And because of hangover, it will also have some side effects on eyes. For example, you will have blurred vision, dry eyes, and yellow eyes. Also, red eyes can be possible too. Of course, to get rid of hangover, you need to T drink less alcohol or drink plenty of water or soft drinks whilst consuming alcohol.
  • Robert Potter


    Well, generally speaking, it's possible to get blurred vision owing to hangover. As we all know, drinking too much alcohol is absolutely bad for our eyes. Alcohol can easily stimulate the optic nerve and lower the optic nerve conduction, besides, the stimulation of alcohol will lead to edema, which can causes the hyposthenia of vision. In addition, drinking too much can easily interfere the utilization of various vitamins, on the contrary, increase the consumption of vitamins. However, vitamin A is needful nutrients for the retina. If the vitamin A is decreased, the vision will be decreased. What's worse, there are other side effects of hangover, such as itchy eyes, conjunctivitis, iritis, keratitis, ect. Thus it is recommended that you should drink less alcohol especially for the hangover for the sake of your health.


    Well, have you been heavily drinking recently? That is awful I have to admit, because too much alcohol would inevitably give rise to a lot of problems with our health, including our vision and visual nerves. Generally speaking, hangover would results in blurry vision, swollen eyes, or painful eyes, etc. Thus, you have to get some good rest and healthy foods instead of drinking again and again.

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