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What color contacts are best for red hair ?

I have red eyes right now. Shall i change my colored contact lenses? Can you tell me what types of colored contact lenses are best for me?
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  • walkinalone


    I am glad to answer your question. In recent years, we dye our hair for various colors as the fashion trend for other people, or we have colors in born. Red color is the typical color. We should choose the right eyeglasses or contacts for the red hair in this case. Those who have red color hair usually have blue or green eyes, in this condition, you should choose the green or blue eye contacts to suit your hair. For those who dye their hair into red color, we should know green eyes and red hair is the best combination for your appearance. For the buying, you could find the suitable one at online store, such as alibaba, eBay and other wholesale online stores. May this information will help you. By the way, from my point of view, it is better to wear eyeglasses than contacts. Best wishes.
  • hall


    Ok, looks like you are very eager to improve your personal images. Anyway, from what I know, red hair is very beautiful, and it would be compatible with vivid colors, such as blue, grey, or green. But try not to wear red contact lenses or yellow lenses, that would make you look like a vampire and you are gonna be weird. Just try to get a pair on Amazon or Ebay. There a lots of choices awaiting you.
  • coldnd


    Personally, I prefer gray eyes with red hair. Light eye color like gray, hazel and amber all go well with red hair, because your eyes stand out for the strong contrast of your hair and your eye. Rihanna is a very good role model for the match of red hair and gray eyes. The effect is astonishing and impressing.
  • canttouchthis90


    From my experience, I suggested you choice oriental brown if you are an Asian, because it most suitable for Asian faces. If you're not, it doesn't matter. Oriental brown could also let you look very exotic. You do still have another option: golden. It will let you have a unique temperament and special mystic vision. Of course, the right mix is the one that works best for you! Hope you will find a color which suitable for you own.