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Andrew bell


What color contacts are best for tan skin ?

I want to buy colored contact lenses. And i have tan skin. Any suggestion? What colored contact lenses look good for me?
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  • Dylan


    It is one of the most popular colors around the world. Many people go sunbathing to get tan skin. It looks charming and health. Tan skin is suitable for black colored contact lenses. In Asia, most people have tan skin and black eyes naturally. They are beautiful and hot. In addition, light gray may also enhance your apperance.
  • walkingfetus


    Hello, as we all know, different skin suit different colored contact lenses. You said you have tan skin, talking from my experience, the brown contact more suitable for you. Because it can not only make you look more relaxed , but also make your sensible quality prominent. But on the other hand, if you don't brown contact, you also can choice the other color. For example, black, gray or light brown, there are all good option for your skin.
  • Logan hall


    Well, it seems that your skin tone is very healthy and attractive. As a matter of fact, tan skin could be compatible with vivid colors, such as blue, purple, brown, or green. But i suggest that you try not to wear black or yellow lenses. You could try different colors before you close the deal, your taste matters the most, so try to be bold and brave.
  • Noah


    Bright green color will look good on you. Think of Rihanna, the Jamaican American pop singer, she was born with green eyes which look great with her brown skin. This works the same with you. The tan skin and your bright eye color forms a strong contrast, making your eyes brighter and shinier.

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