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Can pregnancy cause eyelash loss?

Is it normal to loss eyelashes when i pregnant. Why? If so, how can i prevent it?
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  • clearbluesky987


    It is quite normal for most women who are during pregnancy. Eyelashes loss is a side effect of pregnancy. Their eyelash gets thin and weak and their and finally loss. Usually women might experience hair loss after the delivery for the decreasing level of estrogen hormones. But if you experience extremely apparent eyelashes loss, it probably is sending some signals. As to eyelashes loss during pregnancy, it might be related to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Vitamin B, C, E and biotin are important to keep hair thick and strong. If your eyelashes are getting thinner and shorter, it is probably caused by nutrition deficiency or thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid changes during pregnancy due to the changes of estrogen, but it will ends with the ending of pregnancy. You can have a test of your protein level and thyroid. Meanwhile you can apply some vitamin productions to help eyelashes growth.
  • William clive


    We have all heard of the nausea, the swelling, the bigger feet, the wider hips, and all that good stuff that comes with incubating a tiny human inside your body for 9 months. It is possible to loss eyelashes during pregnancy. Some people can occur such strange and horrific pregnancy side effects when their second pregnancy. These side effects have impacted on getting boils on your lips, your eyelashes and eyebrows falling out, or getting ringworm and cold sores. This just because the increase in Progesterone can slow down the digestive process. People can try to get rid of gasiness by doing exercise in pregnancy. And avoid eating fiber-filled fruits, beans and veggies , which so called healthful foods. They only cause more gas. You also cannot take over-the-counter remedies like Gas-X, as they may not be safe to use while pregnant. During your pregnancy, you need pay attention to your eating habits and living habits.
  • Marissa george


    Yes, it is possible but not everyone experienced it during pregnancy. Everyone has totally different experience during pregnancy. Some women have very strong and healthy hair during pregnancy due to increasing estrogen level. While it is rare but possible for some women to have thinner and more brittle eyelashes and brows during their pregnancy. The possible cause might be nutrition/vitamin deficiency or thyroid problem. During pregnancy, chorionic gonadotropin and estrogen might lead to hypothyroidism. The thyroid hormone might fluctuate until the end of pregnancy. On the other hand, it might be caused by nutrition/vitamin deficiency. Some women are found to have a low protein level with this trouble, but after they began to take a high protein diet, this problem solved. So I think you should take an examination to find out what caused it. If it is because of the nutrition/vitamin deficiency, have a higher protein diet.
  • eagle_tester_3


    Yes, during pregnancy, you will get eyelash loss. This happened might due to a nutrient/vitamin deficiency or your thyroid function. Your thyroid changes during pregnancy due to the hormones. Human chorionic gonadotropin and estrogen which may lead to hyperthyroidism. Your thyroid functions also fluctuate in the beginning of pregnancy before your baby's thyroid starts to function by itself, but should return to normal by the end of pregnancy. The other possible cause of losing your eyelashes and eyebrows during pregnancy is a nutrient/vitamin deficiency. On other forums moms have reported that their protein levels were low when tested and that once their OBGYNs got them on a high protein diet their eyelashes returned to normal. Unfortunately, for me this simple solution did not apply, my protein levels were spot on! As always, talk to your OBGYN first so your protein levels and possibly thyroid can be tested. If those tests come back normal you can take matters into your own hands by using a natural-based eyelash conditioner. I'm not talking about chemical or drug-based eyelash growth products like RapidLash or Latisse, but a natural-based conditioner that will coat your entire lash hair. Another important step you can take to preserve your lashes is to not wear mascara because the chemicals in the mascara break down your lash hairs. If you do have occasion to wear mascara, make sure to wear one of the lash conditioners underneath it, this will protect the lash hair and make the mascara come off easier.

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