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Can dry eye cause inflammation?

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  • walkersrarest


    Ok, I think there is something wrong with your eyes. Because dry eyes is not an easy problem, which could give rise to some consequences on your eyes, such as inflammation, even some other infections if you handle it in a wrong way, such as rubbing or something. In a word, you must get some treatment before it is worsened. I suggest that you should pay attention to your rest and diet.
  • crystal_jade13


    Well, yes, dry eyes can lead to inflammation in your eyes, and that will be annoying for you. First, for dry eyes, you should know that if your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye, dry eye will occur. And when it occurs, there will have some symptoms. For example, your eyes will feel itchy, uncomfortable in some cases. Also, red eyes, inflammation will be possible too. At this moment, to reduce the inflammation, you need to have some cold compresses with ice. And that can be effective. Also, having more water to treat dry eyes is also essential.

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