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How to tell if your glasses are too small?

I never bought eyeglasses before. Now, i want to order a pair online. But i have trouble on choose frame size. How do i know if the glasses are too small or too big?
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  • croatia_diary


    Usually you will have the eyes exams before you plan to buy the pair of new glasses at the professional stores. You may know your pupil distance and other information. Then you will have the right size eyeglasses. However, if the eyeglasses are too big, they will slip off your nose easily. If it is too small, you will find that you feel too tight when wearing the eyeglasses. Even if you buy the eyeglasses at the online store, you'd better give the detailed information about the size of the eyeglasses.
  • Charles Joseph


    I think you can read the description of each frames to see the size of glasses frames and see whether the size is suitable for your face. Sometimes there is clear statement that the frames are suitable for big face or small face. For me, I would prefer glasses with width bigger than 40cm. Because my face is little big that bigger lenses could make my face look smaller. I think you don't have to worry too much, because nowadays on-line shops can provide free try-on service for clients. If you think it is not good or suitable, you can get refund at no cost. I suggest you to choose the glasses in some reliable big online shops. They can provide various styles with attractive prices. Good luck!