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Why do i see images when i close my eyes?

I find that even if i close my eyes, i still can see some images, light. Why? Can anyone explain to me?
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  • characterposter


    It is normal. When you close your eyes, there is still the aperture between your eyes. And the eyeballs are still able to be active when you close your eyes. When the strong light comes onto your eyes, you can still feel it. However, there is another reason that you may use your eyes too much which is tired. Thus you can still see the images when you suddenly close your eyes.
  • Caroline


    Well, once upon a time, I was als puzzled with the same problem. At that time, I often played computer games and rest little. So, when I close my eyes and a lot of images about games will flood into my eyes. Perhaps your situation is the same with mine. So, my advice for you is to play less and have more outdoor sports, such as moutain climbing, jogging, walking with dogs , etc. So, as long as you pay attention to your eye health, everything will be ok! Hope everything goes fine with you.

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