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Is it ok to play ice hockey with glasses?

Is it safe if i play ice hockey wearing my prescription glasses? I really need it for vision aids.
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  • entivore


    If you can put the eyeglasses into the helmet, that is OK for you to wear it. However, because of the fog around the eyeglasses in the cold atmosphere, it is convenient for you to wear the eyeglasses. However, there is the special made goggles for people to play ice hockey with high prescription lenses. You can use such types.
  • Gabriella


    It can be said, you don't need to worry about it too much. Although, to a certain extent, playing ice hockey with prescription glasses is dangerous, you should know ,such as basketball, football and even boxing, etc, you can see people wearing different glasses. These movements seem to be as intensive competitive projects, but you will find that in fact it is not as bad as you imagine when you really get in touch with the movements. If you are in these sports, you will make yourself protection well to avoid injuring yourself. On the other hand, if you really need the vision aids, you can choose another kind of glasses, which they can make it sure to eliminate your trouble.