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John Rodriguez


What sunglasses are best for outdoor recreation ?

There are so many choices of sunglasses. And i want to buy a pair for sunglasses for outdoor recreation. So, any idea? What sunglasses are best for outdoor recreation?
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  • chemicalumnesnt


    Well, looks like you are planning for an outdoor activity. Generally speaking, when people are preparing to go outsde. What they should consider the most for their vision is strong sun beams, which sometimes are able to cause damage to our eyes. So, the function of your future sunglasse would be anti- sunlight, right? So, when choosing what you care for, you should ask for their utility and see if they really serve to fight aganst sunlight. Basically, that will be ok. As to the appearance and design, they are just secondary.
  • Miranda hall


    If you regard the driving as your outdoor recreation on weekends, you'd better choose a pair of polarized eyeglasses which may help you see clearly and get rid of the strong lights. If you go fishing as your outdoor recreation, the polarized eyeglasses will also be a good choice to help you eliminate the dizzy lights reflected from the water. In addition, you can also choose the sunglasses for the outdoor recreation.
  • Aaron John


    I am a adventure junkie and most of the weekdays I went for the trip whether it is hiking, trekking or mountaineering. I used uv protection, strong winds and small flying insects sunglasses. I prefer Oakley Holbrook sunglass like this. This is the best sunglasses for outdoor recreation. It is polarized. It comes with extremely tough material.It provides 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC

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