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Hunter jackson


How to fix sunken eyes in children?

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  • Vivid


    The sunken eyes belong to the symptoms of the eyeball atrophy, eyeball consumptive disease or congenital microphthalmia. As we know, the eyeballs of kids' are not developed in fixed shape. The surgery may not be suitable for the kids. You'd better go to ask the professional doctors to accept whether the physical treatment or the direct surgery.
  • cecil


    Sunken eyes are a condition that occurs as aging, and there would have dark circles under the eyes. Though medical remedies and surgery can be effective treat them, several home remedies may more suitable for treating sunken eyes in children. Firstly, applying some fruits on the sunken eyes is a good start, for example, placing cucumber to children's eyes for a quarter, and waiting for the juice dry, pineapple, lemon slice as alternative. Another effective way is taking some vitamins to remove dark cycles. Vitamin K is helpful for improving blood flow, or applying niaciamide directly to the eye area that is a good skin lightening agent. At the same time, decreasing intake of vitamin A if the children have sunken eyes due to it would cause the skin to darken.