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Nicholas carter


How to spot fake arnette sunglasses?

Is there anyone who has experience to choose arnette sunglasses? Can i give me some advice how to spot fake arnette sunglasses?
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  • Miranda


    If you buy them from the franchise store, the real possibility is high which you should not make a doubt. However, if you buy it from the free-duty airport shop, you can observe from the several points, such as the brand which is marked with "made in America" or " made in China". Then you observe the detailed parts of it, such as the frame, lenses and the coating part. Last of all, if it is fake, it will not be so comfortable for you to wear which can be tested by the trying on.
  • Sue Livingston


    Arnette sports sunglasses are made of high quality material, anti-scratch, impact-resistant, and can 100% absorb UVA, UVB and UVC, which has been the most favorite choice of sportsman. However, there are many fake one on the market. You'd better buy it from the formal store or its official web. If you have got one, check the sunglasses carefully that if there are scratch, peel off or color streaks. The best way is to Arnette store. The assistant can help you.