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Isabel fergus


How much do tom ford sunglasses cost? are they very expensive?

I want to buy a pair of tom ford sunglasses. Are they expensive? How much should i prepare if i want to buy real Tom Ford sunglasses?
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  • Christina keith


    Tom ford sunglasses are really very expensive, they coat about 400 dollars, and tom ford sunglasses have great quality, fashion design and the price are very expensive and if you want know more detail information about tom ford sunglasses, you can visit Also, you can try some online stores that sell tom ford sunglasses and the price there may be cheaper.
  • Gabriella


    Most of Tom Ford sunglasses is about $400. So, if you want to buy them, you may prepare about 400 dollars. Or maybe you can order it from eBay which are cheaper than they were from Tom Ford official sites. But I am not sure you may get the real Tom Ford sunglasses. So, if you want to get real Tom Ford sunglasses, you'd better buy it from their websites.
  • Danielle may


    The average price of tom ford sunglases is around $ 55. However, there are must be other types with good lenses and go materials. You can base on your own needs to choose the tom ford sunglasses. Whatever from the aspect of price or the quality, it is worthy to buy.
  • Zoe


    Oh,man,they are branded eyeglasses just like Channel,Prada and some other big brands. tom ford sunglasses are so expensive because of their reputation as well as their excellent quality.
    However,I have to admit that they r actually very tasty and elegance.I can understand why most stars love wearing those brands.I guess it may be because they just love the feel that those glasses bring to them.I have a sis who also owns a pair of Tom Ford eyeglasses and I find that she looks kind of feel when wearing them.
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  • Tony


    Tom Ford sunglasses are expensive garbage. We paid $450.00 and the lenses become discolored. Be Smaart and avoid the waste of money!
  • larry


    Tom Ford sunglasses are VERY EXPENSIVE garbage, The lenses fade and are worthless. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!
  • Tony


    Tom Ford sunglasses cost $450.00 but they are worthless garbage. The lenses fade and are useless. Let the BUYER BEWARE!!!!