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Do ALL FIRMOO Sunglasses have UV Protection?

It would only make sense to assume they already have UV protection, but when I go to checkout it asks if i want to Add UV protection. Do your OTO2543 sunglasses have UV protection built in?

Also, if i upgrade to polarized, does that include UV protection? Thanks
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  • enternalhate


    Yes, all sunglasses at Firmoo have UV protection to protect wearers' eyes from harmful UV rays and strong glares. If you upgrade to polarized ones, the sunglasses you choose not only offer you UV protection but also block intense reflected light, reducing glare. BTW, OTO2543 is good and you will look good.
  • croatia_diary


    Yes, All of our sunglasses have UV protection.So, you don't worry, OTO2543 sunglasses will provide you UV protection. Besides, our polarized lenses not only provide UV protection, but also can filter glares. They are good to shield eyes especially in intensive sunlight. Have a nice day!