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misty C.


Do your pupils dilate when you cry?

Sometimes my pupils dilate when i cry. Do you have that experience? Is this normal ?
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  • handsome____boy


    Yes, it's normal. According to UAB Medicine website, when people cry, the sympathetic nervous system, controlled by the brain in stressful conditions such as emotional distress, is reacting to the adrenaline produced by stress. And this dilates your pupils and prompts the lacrimal glands inside your eyes to release tears. Then your heart pumps blood more rapidly, making your face red and your eyes puffy.
  • edjuice


    When you have the fluctuation at the mood, your pupils may dilate. That is to say, when you cry because of something sad, your pupils may dilate. However it will be temporary which will disappear soon. After you clam down at the mood, your pupils have already come back to the normal state. You should not cry lot or much which will harm your tear gland system and be bad for your eyes.
  • Alexander


    Yes, it is quite normal that your pupils dilate when you cry. And I had this experience before. Actually the outer corner of each eye are the lacrimal glands, which make tears, so when you cry, the reaction in your eyes can make your pupils dilate. Besides crying, pupils dilating can also be the result of recreational and medical drug use. Pay attention to that!

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