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Jade scott


How to make black eyes stand out?

I have a pair of black eyes. Do you know how to make it look nice? Any way to make it stand out?
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  • catchingthought


    In fact, I think black eyes are gorgeous and sexy. The most practical way to make your black eyes stand out is using an eyeliner color that is totally different from your black eye color like silver, green, purple, brown golden, etc. These different colours will intensify your black eye color make your black eyes appear brighter.and more attractive. Besides, to make your eyes stand out and bigger, you can also think about ways to make your eyelashes longer. Usually, mascara will make your eyelashes seem longer which makes your eyes look wider and bigger. You can simply wear mascara to highlight your black eyes, or just use vaseline to make your lashes naturally longer, this is also an effective way to make your black eyes stand out. What's more, you can also try a smokey eye with shimmery gold eyeshadow to highlight your black eyes. Finally, make sure that your eye makeup is completely removed before you go to bed. If any makeup is left over, it's harmful and cause burden for eyes,which will lead to circles under your eyes.
  • clarinetbandguy


    As far as I am concerned, black eyes is really charmming.They are mysterious, beautiful as well as deep. And there are some suggestions to make it stand out easily. First, more and more people tend to wear the contact lenses to make their eyes show obvious and look charming recently. You can also have a try. Besides, wearing a pair of glasses and clothes with light color such as yellow, whit or else is also an effective way. In addition, putting your hair up puts more emphasis on your eyes and make others pay more attention to your eyes naturally. The most simple measure is having a pair of smiling eyes. Owing to eyes are actually the most expressive part of your face, the optimism will show in your eyes and make them more attractive.
  • Noah james


    If you want to make your black eyes stand out and show the beautiful side, you could do the eye make up by using the eye line or eye shadows. You could also wear the black contact lenses to make the eyes look big and beautiful. There are many contact lenses in the market which you could go and choose one.

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