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Do people having bad eyesight have better hearing?

I heard that people with bad eyesight have better hearing. Is that true? Why?
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  • Benji


    Intuitively, most of us think that does not true. I know people who are blind that have hearing aids. People with hearing loss wear glasses.Actually, research confirms that people who are deaf have better peripheral vision. Being deaf doesn't mean that all aspects of vision are better, but some aspects, such as visual attention, are heightened. Detecting objects in slow motion is another heightened skill. Hope this helpful.
  • Samuel


    As a matter of fact, the answer is absolutely yes, and i can provide reliable science data for this point. Our brain is connected with twelve pairs of cranial nerves, and five of them link the eyes, which respectively in charge of eye vision and eye activity, accordingly, a few of them link the ears, wihch administrate the listenning. Therefore, the less cranial nerves keep in contact with eyes, the more they will concentrate on our ears. According above scientific explanation, we can obviously make sense of reason that why people with bad eyesight must have better hearing. Hope you can make it clear after explanation, thanks for consulting.
  • James green


    Yes, it is true. Many people say that people with bad eyesight will have better hearing. Because the nerves of hearing and seeing are interlinked, you will find the balance in the whole body structure. However, if you have the bad eyesight, you'd better go to see the doctor to see whether there are the home remedies for you to improve the eye sight.
  • erinpoo130


    In most cases,those people who have bad eyesight have better hearing,but not in all circumstances. The reason for this phenomenon is that the less use of eyes would leave more flexibility and attention to ears. You can easily understand this by thinking about when you cannot watch something clearly,you must want to hear something carefully. Thus,you can be trained to hear something clearly and quickly in a long run.